Hopefully it’s pretty obvious that we like camping. We consider ourselves to be fairly hardcore about it, especially considering our baggage, er children. We get dirt under our fingernails, sleep on the ground, and start fires without lighter fluid. There is one area where we do not succumb to survival tactics though and that is our meals. We like being hardcore, but we don’t like being hungry, or worse, dissatisfied with our food. Fueling your body while exerting a lot of effort is important, but as long as you aren’t actually fighting for your life, it doesn’t have to be lackluster. Every time we camp, I put a lot of thought into our meals. I’m constantly combing the internet for new recipes and honestly I find most of them to be gimmicky which I kind of snub my nose at. (Scrambled eggs in a bag and pop biscuit dough wrapped around a stick, I’m looking at you.) I’ve shared at least one of our camping meal plans before, but clearly the internet could use more of them. Here is our most recent camping menu.

Day One

  • DinnerDutch Oven Stew, crusty bread, and salad (kit from the grocery store). This meal was absolutely deluxe. Way better than hotdogs or sandwiches and really not that difficult.
  • DessertDark Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler  with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. We’ve been making this cobbler for awhile now, but tweaked it to make it fool proof. If you’ve made it before, you should make it again with the updates. If you haven’t made it, you now have homework for the weekend.

Day Two


  • Lunch – PB and Apple Butter Sandwiches. I forgot to take a picture of these, but here are the kids on our hike before we ate the sandwiches. (My original sentence read: here are the kids on our hike before we ate them. This is why proofreading is important.)
  • Dinner – Green Chili pork over rice. Despite looking mouthwatering, this meal was pretty bland. It needs some reworking before it can be shared.

Day Three

  • Lunch – Pasta Salad, based mostly on this recipe. Made at home and stowed snuggly in the cooler until we needed it.

Hopefully this can give some of you hardcore campers that are also foodies some ideas for your next trip.

Written by Audrey

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