In case you couldn’t tell, that recipe we put out this morning for single serve red velvet snickerdoodle brownies was a fun little satire for April Fools’ Day. We tend to be simple folk. Mixing multiple desserts or using cake mixes isn’t really our style, even when it’s terribly popular. In case it isn’t obvious, we’ve never been particularly good at being popular. Ironically, this morning when I was getting ready to write the post (“never had such words poured from my [keyboard] with such feverish fluidity”), I logged onto Pinterest and my first recommended pin was for red velvet oreo brownies. I had to click through to see if someone else was playing jokes too (they weren’t) and had myself a good chuckle and closed the tab before I felt sick to my stomach.

For the record, I actually taste tested this recipe. Other than being kind of weird, it wasn’t completely unpalatable. Still, if the “recipe” got you salivating, allow me to redirect you to a few components of the recipe that won’t assault your tastebuds: our delicious snickerdoodles or our favorite brownies.  If it was the red velvet that hooked you, you’ll have to look somewhere else though as we still haven’t figured that one out. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Written by Audrey

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