I swear there must be something in the water, but there has been a baby boom amongst my friends lately.  With both of my kids solidly out of the baby stage (although our three-year-old all too often acts like one), I’ve really enjoyed my role on the sidelines where I get to cheer friends on, but still sleep at night.* For me, part of this role has meant throwing and attending several baby showers. Obviously, when it comes to parties of any kind, food is where I feel I truly shine. A while back I threw a shower for two friends that were both expecting repeat baby boys. It was a low-key affair focused on quality girl time with people bringing freezer meals for the expectant mothers instead of gifts. When I asked the women of honor what they were craving, one expressed interest in eating healthy and the other expressed interest in eating all things chocolate. While the two requests seemed like polar opposites, they helped me plan a perfectly complimentary spread that everyone loved. The menu was pleasantly colorful and the perfect balance of fancy and low-key. It would also work great for bridal showers as well!

Without further adieu, the menu:


*I know this post comes on the heels of National Infertility Awareness Week and have tender feelings in my heart for those mommas (and dads) that wish they weren’t on the sidelines of every baby boom.

Written by Audrey

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