We are just dipping our toes into the world of school birthday treats and all the rules that affect them and the stress they can cause. Currently our son is in a classroom where one of the kids has a severe nut allergy and all snacks and treats (even the one’s they don’t share) have to come from an approved list. Most of the kids bring suckers or Oreos on their birthday and while my son LOVES them, I have a little bit of a pride thing when it comes to packaged foods. Plus, it seemed reckless to celebrate his birthday with cupcakes at his friend party, cake at his family party, and a (processed) treat at school. Always, the masters of restraint, I had to draw the line somewhere and only did two out of three of those things. 

Our son is a berry fiend, so I knew he wouldn’t feel short changed if I sent him to school with fruit kabobs to share with his friends. I found some adorable pinwheel fruit picks to assemble them with and gathered raspberries, blackberries, and pineapple which were a great base for standing them upright. When we walked into school on his birthday parents and kids alike were abuzz about what a fun birthday treat this was.

Written by Audrey

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