We just got back from a marvelous two week road trip filled with amazing adventures. We had several delicious camping recipes we tried and want to share, but we were having so much fun we rarely got around to eating before dusk which means we have very few photos of said delicious food. So, until we recreate them, just know that amazing camping recipes are coming. In the meantime, here are some pictures from our travels to inspire you on where you’ll take your camp kitchen next. 

Our trip started out in Telluride, CO. It was Father’s Day so we made extra fancy fish and asparagus tinfoil dinners and a chocolate cherry cobbler. ( Both dishes are recipes that we owe you. As a sneak peak, the assembly of foil dinners is pictured at the beginning of this post.) The kids loved the gondolas (free!) and we loved trying Detroit Style Pizza at Brown Dog. (For any locals, Brown Dog has a sister restaurant, Blue Pan, that just opened in Denver.)

Next we headed to Mesa Verde. The cliff dwellings were even more amazing than I’d hoped. (Noel had been previously and I was worried he’d hyped them up so much I’d be disappointed.) Our food for this leg of the journey was simple: easy noodles and sausage (I can’t believe we haven’t shared this one with you yet. I’ll add it to our we owe you tab.) and raspberries & cream overnight oats that I’d made before we left home.

After that, we crossed into Utah to visit Natural Bridges and the Needles district of Canyonlands. The food highlights were dutch oven chicken roll-ups and skillet hobo dinner.

Then we met up with Noel’s sisters and cousins for a “dirty thirty bash” in Moab. (It’s a big birthday year for several of us.) While there, we had delicious breakfast food at Jailhouse Cafe and made a Mississippi mud cake to celebrate. To top off the fun, we rafted part of the Colorado River.

To finish off the trip, we headed to Northern Utah to visit my family. We visited Golden Spike National Monument, the Spiral Jetty, and had a big party for my brothers (one just returned from a two-year service mission for our church and one is just getting ready to leave for two years). As usual, my parents pulled out all the stops on food. There was everything from Tosca Torte to a lemon cheesecake I’m thinking about making for National Cheesecake Day. Now we’re getting back into the groove of regular life which hopefully also means more posting. Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Written by Audrey

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